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Why community and connection are so important

Steph Ryan MP

This magazine throws a spotlight on the stories of more than 50 community groups and businesses, and over 110 people in Kilmore.

I’d like to thank each and every person who gave their time to share their stories.



Fashion studio, Copella, was almost a coffee shop before Christine Batskos’ daughter Anne stepped in.
Christine Batskos of Copella
Christine Batskos of Copella

With a background in fashion, Anne spotted a gap in the local women’s fashion market: affordable, quality clothing that ‘wasn’t about the latest trend’. And so, ‘Copella,’ which means ‘lady’ in Greek, was born.

The shop is now run by Christine, after Anne returned to Melbourne some years ago. Copella is about providing ‘style for every occasion, every season, every day’.

“Style never dates,” Christine says. “I have customers who are still wearing things they bought five to seven years ago. And, they’re still receiving compliments.”

After nearly 13 years of doing business, Christine has decided to hang up the measuring tape. Copella is for sale and retirement is calling. Christine is looking forward to joining a number of local community groups and focusing more on art and drawing.

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