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Why community and connection are so important

Steph Ryan MP

This magazine throws a spotlight on the stories of more than 50 community groups and businesses, and over 110 people in Kilmore.

I’d like to thank each and every person who gave their time to share their stories.


Kilmore Celtic Festival

Kilmore was named by early settler William Rutledge, after his hometown in Ireland of the same name.
Kilmore Celtic Festival
Kilmore Celtic Festival

Today the people of Kilmore, Victoria continue to pay homage to their Celtic roots through the annual Kilmore Celtic Festival. Now in its 22nd year, the festival is held in mid-winter and celebrates the traditions of the early settlers from Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall and Wales. Over the course of three days several hundred people gather to enjoy poetry, Irish and Celtic dance and music. The signature Celtic banquet is held on the final day, and brings the community together in a joyful sell-out event. The atmosphere is happy, warm and welcoming.

You’ll feel like a part of the celebrations, whether you have Celtic ancestry, or not.


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