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Why community and connection are so important

Steph Ryan MP

This magazine throws a spotlight on the stories of more than 50 community groups and businesses, and over 110 people in Kilmore.

I’d like to thank each and every person who gave their time to share their stories.


St Patrick’s Primary

Michael Bourne, the principal of St Patrick’s Primary loves talking about education and is passionate about creating a bright future for young people. “It’s a vocation similar to medicine,” he says. “you’re just called to it.”
Xavier, Evie and Lachlan of St Patrick's Primary School
Xavier, Evie and Lachlan of St Patrick's Primary School

Michael, who has worked across both the State and Catholic systems, says that it’s the latter setting where he feels he can make the biggest impact.

With 570 students, St Patrick’s Parish is opening a primary school in Wallan in 2019.

With an increasing number of families moving to the area, Michael says that schools are ‘pivotal’ in developing and established communities. “They are a connection point – for children and parents to each other, and to broader services.

Meet the students

Xavier is a Grade 6 peer mediation leader. “My job as a peer mediation leader job is to help others when they experience conflict. I’m the go-between them and the teacher. It’s something I really like,” he says. Of the future Xavier says, “I’d like to be a lawyer, or perhaps a secret service agent.”

Evie loves to dance. “I also like PE and inquiry (geography). As school captain, Evie is involved in “lots of meetings” in addition to class. “We meet visitors, talk to them and show them around. We also meet with the teacher leadership team,” she explains

Of the future, Evie does reveal that “there is a flying thing” in her family. “Perhaps I’ll be a pilot or a stewardess,” she says.

Lachlan is one of seven children; five brothers and one sister.

He loves sport, animals and photography, but it’s when he talks about the future that his eyes light up.

Apart from taking woodwork at high school, Lachlan wants to be a photographer. “I love nature; capturing the best moments of life.”


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