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Why community and connection are so important

Steph Ryan MP

This magazine throws a spotlight on the stories of more than 50 community groups and businesses, and over 110 people in Kilmore.

I’d like to thank each and every person who gave their time to share their stories.


The beginning of Spotlight on Kilmore

Robyn Masters, co-owner of Southside Stockfeeds, has deep roots in Kilmore. “I’ve lived in other places around Victoria and Queensland,” Robyn says, “but I came home to Kilmore for the community and family connections.” Proud of her history in the town, Robyn is the quiet brains behind ‘Spotlight’.
Robyn Masters, co-owner of Southside Stockfeeds and one of the brains behind Spotlight on Kilmore

“Kilmore is Victoria’s earliest inland town,” she says. “And we’re growing quickly. That’s a good thing, but I’m often referring people to things they’d have no way of knowing about,” she says. “I like to encourage people to shop locally too.”

Robyn says that she came up with the idea for Spotlight in a conversation. “It just hit me. There wasn’t really a resource that people could refer to, especially new people.” But most of all, there was nothing that could help people feel connected to the town – and to each other.

“Something to help people feel connected to the town and each other”

One year after that conversation, Spotlight was written.

When Robyn’s not involved in the community, she’s active at her business, Southside Stockfeeds. Robyn co-owns the business with her husband and another couple. They employ up to 6 local workers, depending on the time of year. “Southside is a goods provider of animal feed and farming requisites,” she says. “It’s a one stop shop for animal care and husbandry. From horses, to cattle, dogs, cats, poultry and reptiles, the range is rather extensive,” she says. “We also stock footwear and clothing.”


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