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Why community and connection are so important

Steph Ryan MP

This magazine throws a spotlight on the stories of more than 50 community groups and businesses, and over 110 people in Kilmore.

I’d like to thank each and every person who gave their time to share their stories.


The Net Girl

Kellie Speechley is a Kilmore local who spends her days working in Melbourne as a business analyst. She also runs her own web development company, The Net Girl.

“We build, install and set up websites, but it’s more than that,” Kellie says. “It’s about listening and delivering to customer needs.”

Kellie acknowledges that taking the first steps into the online world are daunting. “It can be confusing, but three to four pages with a product description may be all you need for a great start.”

Kellie says that although prices vary, it’s more affordable than ever to get online. “It’s much easier to build a website than it was 10, even five years ago,” she explains.

“We listen carefully and don’t overcomplicate things.”


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